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  • About us

    Tartan TV in its current format is still in its infancy.

    [Well it was in 2015!]

    Northlight, founded in 1981, worked from both Aberdeen and London, producing programmes for the BBC, Channel 4 and corporate markets. Northlight specialised in Education and Factual programming, but later developed drama projects, and strands in other genres such as music. With new relationships with networks like Discovery it went on to produce from locations worldwide.

    In December 1999, Northlight submitted a plan to Grampian Enterprise entitled "The Best of Scottish" - a proposal for an international TV series promoting Scotland - which later went on to become Tartan TV. After seven years that project had run its course. In the process it was transmitted on over 200 stations in the USA, Canada and other international territories, winning a global audience whose positive image of Scotland has been enhanced by over a hundred half hour programmes.

    Tartan TV was a major international showcase for Scotland. With over £2 million of private investment and support from Scottish Enterprise and RBS. Tartan TV created over £6 million of value in promoting Scotland. After five years of sterling effort the project came to a natural conclusion. However the programmes continued to be transmitted in America, Canada and other territories worldwide.

    Now, from 2015, Tartan TV serves the public by providing videos of things Scottish, with our library being added to all the time. It has no connection with the former organisations, other than inheriting the domain name Tartan.tv.

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  • Tartan TV - the tartan

    Who would have thought it?  Well, I suppose I should have thought it.  But apparently there is a Tartan TV tartan. And not just one tartan, but three!

    Tartan Mill, which claims to be Scotland's oldest & largest online store, began trading in 1995, as Scotweb, Scotland's first secure e-commerce site.

    "We were the first in the world to market kilts, tartan fabrics, and bagpipes online. We've always led, while countless imitators have tried to copy.

    "But to this day, no one else comes close to the range of services we offer, or the value we provide. If you want the best, trust Tartan Mill."

    And so where else to look, but Scotweb, for the Tartan TV tartan: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/tartan/Tartan-TV/61399

    Sadly, we don't get commission.



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