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  • 03:41 Quick Trip Round Elgin

    Quick Trip Round Elgin

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    A wee trip roon Elgin Scotland Music - Happy Song Fuuu(Nac)(Wip) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/488551 ) And - Hey You ( http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/491131 )

  • 24:35 Scotland's Towns - Elgin

    Scotland's Towns - Elgin

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    This series explores different towns in Scotland, and we learn about the historical and cultural backgrounds of each place. Elgin is the town visited today, which is a famous area for malt whisky, as well as its beautiful churches.

  • 08:39 Elgin, Scotland By MTB

    Elgin, Scotland By MTB

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    A wee tour of Elgin central by Mountain Bike! The best way to explore the beautiful Lantern of the north.

  • 01:36 Buchanan Street, Balfron

    Buchanan Street, Balfron

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    Looking north Built from postcards of Balfron, 1905-1930

  • 05:04 Popular Doune Castle

    Doune Castle

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    DOUNE CASTLE Doune Castle was the home of Robert Stewart, the 1st Duke of Albany. He was ruler of Scotland, in all but name, from 1388 until his death in 1420. The castle was long thought to have been entirely built for Albany, but recent research has sho

  • 07:19 Popular Doune Castle (HD Quality)

    Doune Castle (HD Quality)

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    The village of Doune lies 8 miles NW of Stirling, Scotland. Doune (Gaelic: An Dùn, 'the fort') is in the district of Stirling, on the River Teith, although geographically, it is within Perthshire. Doune Castle may look strangely familiar, even to those wh

  • 27:26 Popular Drumlanrig My House Has Talent 2011

    Drumlanrig My House Has Talent 2011

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    Drumlanrig Primary School's My House Has Talent 2011

  • 01:38 Popular Drumlanrig Castle

    Drumlanrig Castle

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    Drumlanrig Castle, ancient Douglas stronghold and Dumfriesshire home of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, was completed in 1691. It is surrounded by the 120,000 acre Queensberry Estate, Country Park and Victorian Gardens. Drumlanrig was built by Will

  • 02:52 Drumlanrig Castle

    Drumlanrig Castle

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    Aerial views of Drumlanrig Castle by www.aerialmediascotland.co.uk

  • 03:20 Popular Drumlanrig - A Year In The Life Of A Great Estate, 1992 (Clip)

    Drumlanrig - A Year In The Life Of A Great Estate, 1992 (Clip)

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    Drumlanrig is the Dumfrieshire home of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry: a castle at the heart of one of the great Scottish estates. In the company of the Duke we are taken on a tour of the estate; its woodlands and moorlands. As the seasons turn we

  • 05:35 Drumlanrig Castle

    Drumlanrig Castle

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    Visit to Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland August 2013

  • 00:54 Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland

    Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland

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    Dates from late 17th century.