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  • 58:55 Popular BBC Coast3 1 Of 8 Shetland To Orkney

    BBC Coast3 1 Of 8 Shetland To Orkney

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  • 10:51 Popular A-Z Of Shetland

    A-Z Of Shetland

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    Aimed at those coming to live and work in Shetland and with a sensible dose of humour. http://www.shetland.org

  • 59:11 Popular Shtlnd 2:03

    Shtlnd 2:03

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  • 00:58 Popular Shetland


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    With a murderer on the loose, D.I. Jimmy Perez is determined to protect the people of his beloved Shetland Islands from harm. Elderly Shetlander, Mima Wilson, is found murdered on the archaeological site in the grounds of her croft. Detective Inspector Ji

  • 29:53 Popular 1991 Insiders   Shetland

    1991 Insiders Shetland

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    TV series from 1991 Containing quite a bit from the Simmer Dim Rally. They did interview me, but I obviously wasn't good enough.

  • 56:51 Popular Shtlnd 2:05

    Shtlnd 2:05

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  • 00:41 Popular Shetland: Series 2 Trailer - BBC One

    Shetland: Series 2 Trailer - BBC One

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    Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01s711r Acclaimed BBC One murder-mystery series, Shetland, returns for a new series.

  • 25:40 Popular The Vikings In Orkney And Shetland

    The Vikings In Orkney And Shetland

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    The Vikings in Orkney and Shetland from "Blood of the Vikings" Episode 3

  • 10:00 Popular Shetland Islands

    Shetland Islands

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    Shetland Top of Britain 60 Degrees North International Sealife Park

  • 10:47 Popular Shetland Islands: Lerwick, Scotland

    Shetland Islands: Lerwick, Scotland

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    Recorded September 2, 2008. Shetland is an archipelago in Scotland, off the northeast coast. The islands lie to the northeast of Orkney, 170 miles from the Faroe Islands and form part of the division between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the North Se

  • 12:07 Popular Orkney And Shetland Documentary Part-1

    Orkney And Shetland Documentary Part-1

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    Orkney and Shetland Documentary-Part-1 History of The Islands Of Scotland Video and Photos of Scotland and its Stunning Scenery Amazing Scotland http://www.myscotland.co http://www.ianwrussell.com

  • 23:13 Popular Pastor De Shetland

    Pastor De Shetland

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    El Shetland Sheepdog o Sheltie, es una raza de perro que proviene de las Islas Shetland (Escocia, Reino Unido), fue intencionalmente criado de tamaño pequeño. A primera vista se parece al Collie de pelo largo miniaturizado, sin embargo, son 2 razas difere