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  • 00:48 Popular City Snapshot: Stirling In Winter

    City Snapshot: Stirling In Winter

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    It might be cold outside, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying everything Stirling has to offer. With its mighty castle overlooking the cobbled streets of its clustered Old Town, and the magnificent Wallace Monument looming in the distance, Stirling

  • 06:24 Popular Stirling,Scotland (Stirling University)

    Stirling,Scotland (Stirling University)

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    Stirling (Gaelic: Sruighlea, Scots: Stirlin) is a city and former ancient burgh in Scotland, and is at the heart of the wider Stirling council area. The city is clustered around a large fortress and mediæval old-town beside the River Forth. Historically i

  • 05:08 Popular City Of Stirling

    City Of Stirling

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  • 04:17 Popular City Walls, Stirling, Scotland

    City Walls, Stirling, Scotland

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    Video of the city Walls and the views from the top.

  • 04:11 Popular Ufo Daylight Stirling City 2/2/2013 Big

    Ufo Daylight Stirling City 2/2/2013 Big

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    I filmed this big object flying east then turning west .Big Bright oblong bright white silver thing was one object then split in two then 3 then goes back to one dont know what it is mabe ufo mabe drone or some type of aroplane who knows let you decide.

  • 01:44 Popular City Of Stirling Reel

    City Of Stirling Reel

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    A Scottish Country Dance with audio instructions and on screen bar counter to aid the learner. The Ochil Country Dancers from Stirling, Scotland, danced at Princes' St. Gardens in Edinburgh on 1 July 2013. SEE MORE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE BY THE OCHIL SCOTTISH

  • 01:17 Popular UfO Mothership Stirling City

    UfO Mothership Stirling City

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    I filmed this enormous ufo flying over Kingspark golf course stirling It seem to just sit there. I grabbed my camcorder and started to film it. I was looking east the direction it was headed. the object just disappeared in to a cloud . I had just made a c

  • 03:14 Popular Stirling: Alive With Scotland - 3 Minute Brand Film

    Stirling: Alive With Scotland - 3 Minute Brand Film

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    Celebrate all that the Stirling area has to offer, with our new short film promoting the new Stirling regional branding, developed to enhance the reputation of the region and showcase Stirling as a great place to live, work, visit and invest.

  • 01:50 Popular The Army - Armed Forces Day, Stirling 2014

    The Army - Armed Forces Day, Stirling 2014

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    June 2014 saw the Armed Forces day return to Scotland, this time around Stirling was the venue, with its iconic castle.

  • 14:07 Popular Armed Forces Day In Stirling - 2014

    Armed Forces Day In Stirling - 2014

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    On 28th June 2014, Armed Forces Day returned to Scotland, this time Stirling rather than Edinburgh (2011)

  • 13:25 Popular Argyll`s Farewell Parade, Stirling.

    Argyll`s Farewell Parade, Stirling.

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    The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders farewell parade through the streets of Stirling. 350 soldiers, bandsmen, and their Shetland pony mascot, Cruachan IV. 14th June 2013.