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Clan MacLean (Listeni/mækˈleɪn/; Scottish Gaelic: Mac Gill-Eain) is a Highland Scottish clan. They are one of the oldest clans in the Highlands and owned large tracts of land in Argyll as well as the Inner Hebrides. Many early MacLeans became famous for their honour, strength and courage in battle. They were involved in many clan skirmishes with the Mackinnons, Camerons, MacDonalds and Campbells. They were fierce Jacobites fighting in all of the Jacobite risings.

  • 08:33 Popular Clan MacLean Centenary March Of The Clan 2012

    Clan MacLean Centenary March Of The Clan 2012

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    Clan MacLean Centenary Gathering at Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland. Over 1000 clansmen, women and children participated.

  • 03:22 Popular My Last Name Is McLean Of Clan MacLean

    My Last Name Is McLean Of Clan MacLean

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    a rant about my surname McLean of the clan MacLean of the Isle of Mull in the INNER Hebrides of Scotland and my great-grandfather Samuel McLean whom I thought was from Scotland and migrated to Belfast circa 1900. but I have sinced learned since I made thi

  • 01:26 Popular Clan Maclean Gathering 2012

    Clan Maclean Gathering 2012

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    The 100th gathering of the Clan MacLean took place at Duart Castle on Mull on June 23 2012.

  • 02:55 Popular Scootlund Th' Brave (Clan MacLean)

    Scootlund Th' Brave (Clan MacLean)

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  • 02:33 Popular Scottish Clans: The Story Behind Clan MacLean

    Scottish Clans: The Story Behind Clan MacLean

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    Every weekend, Carl MacDougall, will tell the story of one of Scotland's famous Clans. This weekend, we take a look at Clan MacLean. Read more about Scottish Clans on the Scotland Now website here: http://www.scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/herita

  • 29:00 Popular Scotland's Clans - Maclean

    Scotland's Clans - Maclean

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    The Clan MacLean were know as mercenaries for hire. Paul Murton explores this, their tools of the trade and even tries his hand at employing their sword skills.