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How To Scottish Ceilidh Dance: Strip The Willow

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Johnny Bell from the legendary super funky Scottish ceilidh band Sporran Again walks dancers through a popular Scottish ceilidh dance known as "Strip the Willow". For this dance you will need groups of 4 or 5 couples arranged in long ways sets, with men down one side and ladies down the other facing their partners. Top couples would normally be the couple in each set closest to the band.

Head couple spins at the top of the set for 16 beats.

Girl breaks off and spins with the first guy she comes to, then spins her partner in the middle, then she spins with the second guy, then partner in the middle, spins third guy, then partner in the middle, etc.

At the bottom of the set spins with her partner for 16 beats.

Now they work their way back up the set. The guy breaks off, spins with the first lady he comes to, spins partner in the middle, and so on and so forth working way back up to the top of the set. Couple spins at the top of the set for 16 beats, then both guy and girl break off and work their way back down the set, girl spinning with guys and guy spinning with girls, and partner in the middle.

Spin at the bottom for 16 beats then new top couple starts dance again.

This dance is normally preformed to Scottish or Irish jigs (6/8).


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