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Most Credible Sea Monster Or Giant Oarfish Proof Ever Caught On Video!! Must Watch

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Excuse the language we use in the clip. We were terrified.
It's either a massive Anaconda or a Sea Monster. Whatever came out of that water scared the life out of my fiancé and I. We were fishing on our boat in the shallow bay area of Sanibel Island, FL on October 6th, 2013 when we saw what looked like a bus speeding through the water. At first we thought we were watching Manatee swimming which we see all the time but this animal was moving very fast and looked to be attacking something. All of a sudden, part of its body sprung out of the water and appeared to have something wrapped up. Then it was gone. We honestly don't know what it was but it's head resembled a snake and the body looked like a giant 30 plus foot snake. If a cement utility poll was laying down horizontally, that would be the width and length of this sea creature.
Let me clarify a few points. I have spent my entire life in Florida. I’ve seen more hundreds if not thousands of dolphin and manatee over the years and what we saw and encountered was not either of them nor was it a whale. Yes, the title we put on YouTube was to stand out from the millions of video and have someone confirm what we saw. We are now having the video slowed down into individual photos by a marine life expert. Also, the reason the video stopped was because my iPhone went dead or I would "may" have continued to film. Now let me explain exactly what happened. Slow down the video yourself. we were coming back from fishing when we saw a group of manatee swimming along the treeline bank. We were going to drop a line in but didn’t because of them. All of a sudden, it looked like a shark started to attack the pack. I wasn’t filming because you don’t expect to see something like this. The group of manatee started heading left while whatever was thrashing around the water appeared to have one of them. The water was moving so fast that we knew it was something else. Then I took out my phone. whatever was in the water was moving so fast from one location to the next and then we see it come out of the water. It’s full body was coiled in three sections(no Vertabea in there)around something. It was dark on the top and lighter on the bottom and the width was that of a utility poll. We were scared shitless. Keep in mind that whatever it was had the same length of our boat maybe bigger and we had no clue what could happen. It’s like a horror movie. Do you open the closet after Michael Myers cut your boyfriend in half or do you run out of the house? We are very normal people and spend a lot of time in sanibel. Even the main local fisherman who does all the charters watched it many times and cannot figure out what it is. What he did confirm after spending 20 plus years /8 hours a day fishing in those waters is that it’s not a group of manatee, a whale, an oarfish or a dolphin.

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