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Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias

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Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias @ BBC Pacific Quay Glasgow 01/06/14 https://www.facebook.com/events/409655642510468/
Features interviews with Yes Supporters on their experiences of bias and views on BBC coverage of the independence debate.
There will be another protest this month on 29 June at 14:00--15:30. 1.5 THOUSAND PEOPLE are going so far and this will rise. Get yourself along and be part of the peaceful protest. Thanks for information, Monmedia.
Jennifer Stewart from Coatbridge, who is featured in the film, wrote about her decisions to vote Yes. Jennifer's letter has already had 11000 views and you can now read it here:

My name is Jennifer Stewart and I have now been residing in Scotland for nearly 6 years. I am English born and bred and have spent most of my life living in The English Riviera (Paignton) with my family and friends. I am writing this piece as I have been asked many a time if I get a vote being English and why am I voting Yes in the referendum because of my nationality.

When I first became aware of a referendum on independence my thoughts were, well Im English so 'no way'. I thought it would be the wrong thing to do. However I consider myself to be an open-minded person and so I started to research into the details on either side of the debate and ask questions of fellow voters to try and get a better idea of what I'd be voting for. I soon discovered that this wasn't an anti English vote at all. Some people call the SNP 'a bunch of English hating racists' however all I see is a party that has an issue with Scotland being run from Westminster not once have a heard any English racist comments. Anyways I am not voting for SNP I am voting for Independence. Indpendence for Scotland comes down to one major question, in my opinion, do you want the country that you live in to be run by politicians that you have voted for and want the best for your country? We know that there will be no land of milk and honey come a yes vote on the 19th September and there will be mistakes made but they will be our mistakes and it will be up to us to fix them. Is that not what being independent is all about.

I visit Devon often to see my family and friends and have spoken to them regarding their opinion on the Independence referendum. My mum found it quite hard to believe that the Conservatives have only 1 seat in Scotland and that Scotland have a massive Labour vote in Westminster and said "well why wouldn't Scottish people vote for independence so they can be run by politicians they have voted in". She also stated that if she ever had the oportunity to vote for breaking away from Westminster she'd jump at it. Other friends assumed that Scotland was already being fully ran from Edinburugh and couldn't believe we were dictated to by Westminster. I am very close to my family and friends and find that the better togethers notion that post independence they will become foreigners to me would be insulting if it wasn't so laughable. Having lived and worked in many different countries over the years as a foreigner (including Scotland, if you listened to BT)I find the idea that being a foreigner is a dirty thing both hurtful and insulting. Unfortunately this seems to reflect the direction that Westminster politics is taking.

Scotland has the people, resources and ingenuity to prosper. We should be asking why isn't Scotland doing better, given all the natural and human wealth we enjoy, why are their so many people struggling and foodbanks opening left right and centre.

I could sit and write all the reasons to vote yes but many people have already done so. I felt like I had to try and get my point across to other English people living in Scotland that this is not an anti English vote in September. Also for any Scots that are still undecided know that your vote is for the future of you, your children and grandchildren and if you want that future to be brighter and more prosper then vote yes with me in September

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