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Seabhag Chlann Ghriogair - Le: Páraig MacNéil - The Falcon Of Clan Gregor

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S'i seò an t-òran eile a rinn Páraig MacNéil fhéin airson Comann Chlann Ghriogair. "S'i' seò an t-òran airson Cruinneacheadh nan Griogaireach (International Homecoming) a' bh 'innt' nuar a thilleadh an cinne gu dh' Alba ann an 2009 agus 2014.

Here is another song that Paraig MacNeil himself composed for Clan Gregor Society. This song was for the gathering of the MacGregors (International, Homecoming) when their kindred returned to Scotland in 2009 and 2014.


The Falcon of Clan Gregor

The falcon am I above the glens
midst the bens beside Loch Lomond
throughout the keening winds in this time
freely bewailing the bold hunting cry

O gather o gather o fàl ill hi o
O gather o gather o fàl ill il hil
O gather o gather o fàl ill hi o
The falcon of Clan Gregor am I

The falcon am I midst the goats
hunting the deer, on the ascent of the ben; and with
the tongue of the Finglians, in the land of the heroes
with the harp, I’m melodically attuning the verses

The falcon am I on wings in the mist.
Its through Glen Gyle and above crofts
and over loch and summit, that I am, under sorrow,
watching over the patrimony of the lion; desolate

The falcon am I on the point of each peak
above Glen Carnaig and Balquidder
like a herdsman around each scant cattle fold
and each little grey shieling, gathering cattle

The falcon am I behind the stones
and twisting streams throughout Glen Lyon
my shelter in the grey caves
where I lie without sleep farther from the foe

The falcon am I with the company of my beloved
in Glen Strae and Glen Orchy
my old tartan belted plaid doubled around my back
but away from me also is the scabbard of my blade

When I run with the excellent branches of renown
a binding oath comes upon my voice, and I cry ‘badge of pine’
and with the sound of the refrain and of the tune
in that moment I’m bravely striking the shield

Despoiler am I when the justice of the (ancient) laws
like the brightness of the moon from heaven shines
it is beasts, over the passes and the glens
that I bring, in truth, with me to poor families

On wings am I from generation to generation
returning often to the kings of Dalriada
declaiming the line down to Alpin himself
The great royal ancestor of Clan Gregor, my heart

Like a shepherd now; from land to land
when the clan comes again over seas
l will, until the day dawns, truly cry:
despite them forever “It’s MacGregors that we are!”.

© Páraig MacNéil, 2009

Seabhag Chlann Ghriogair © Páraig MacNéil, 2009


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